Named after Ang Lee's film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,

the Crouching Tigers section is dedicated

to the discovery of outstanding new directors and new films.

Debut or second feature films will be selected from

young directors around the world.

We welcome the selected films to present their

world, international or Asian premiere at the Festival.




Director(s): Wang Feifei

Script-writer: Wang Feifei

Leading cast(s): Zhang Xun/Jiang Zhongwei/Guo Yue/ Liu Zhengkai/ Jiang Lei/ Sheng Tangna

Categories: Plot

Countries: China

Language(s): Chinese

Running time: 100min

Show Schedule:

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Director(s): Santiago Esteves

Script-writer: Juan Manuel Bordon/Santiago Esteves

Leading cast(s): Germán de Silva /Matías Encinas/Esteban Lamothe/Jorge Prado/Walter Jakob /Elena Schnell/Mario Jara/Martín Arrojo/Marcelo Lacerna

Categories: Plot

Countries: Argentine

Language(s): Spanish

Running time: 96min

Show Schedule:

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Suleiman Mountain/Сулейман Гора


Director(s): Elizaveta Stishova

Script-writer: Alisa Khmelnitskaya

Leading cast(s): Asset Imangaliev/Perizat Ermanbetova/Daniel Daiyrbekov/Turgunai Erkinbekova

Categories: Plot

Countries: Russia/Kyrgyzstan/Poland

Language(s): Kyrgyzstan

Running time: 102min

Show Schedule:

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Director(s): Hubert Charuel

Script-writer: Claude Le Pape/Hubert Charuel

Leading cast(s): Swann Arlaud/Sara Giraudeau/Bouli Lanners/Isabelle Candelie/Valentin Lespinasse/Clément Bresson/India Hair

Categories: Plot

Countries: France

Language(s): French

Running time: 90min

Show Schedule:

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Director(s): Ruth Mader

Script-writer: Ruth Mader

Leading cast(s): Fritz Karl/Katharina Lorenz/Florian Teichtmeister

Categories: Plot

Countries: Austria

Language(s): German

Running time: 101 min

Show Schedule:

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The Rider


Director(s): Chloé Zhao

Script-writer: Chloé Zhao

Leading cast(s): Brady Jandreau / Tim Jandreau / Lilly Jandreau / Lane Scott / Cat Clifford

Categories: Plot

Countries: USA

Language(s): English

Running time: 104min

Show Schedule:

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Director(s): Pedro Pinho

Script-writer: Pedro Pinho/ Luísa Homem/ Leonor Noivo/Tiago Hespanha

Leading cast(s): José Smith Vargas/ Carla Galvão/ Njamy Sebastião/ Joaquim Bichana Martins/ Daniele Incalcaterra/ Rui Ruivo/ Hermínio Amaro/ António Santos

Categories: Plot

Countries: Portugal

Language(s): Portuguese

Running time: 176min

Show Schedule:

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